A couple weekends ago we (Julie, Mark and Alex) made a trip to the Mulanje Massif - a monadnock that juts up 6,000 ft out of the surrounding flatland. The raised plateau is about 210 square miles and hosts several granite peaks, the highest of which is 9,900 feet. It is quite spectacular.

We hiked with our guide, George, and our porter, Moota, to a hut that overlooks Chambe Peak. There are about 10 huts up on the massif open to any willing hikers.

We're sure this trip to Mulanje won't we our last! Enjoy the photos...


Sally Jo Milne
04/04/2014 6:59am

Just found your webiste. We climbed Mulanje several times while living in Blantyre 1973-76. We lived on the Blantyre Mission Compound. Ron taught at the Secondary School and Sally Jo taught at the seminary.


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