After much planning, emailing, more planning, learning, talks with contractors and procuring supplies we have finally begun physical work on the actual factory structure. About a week ago we began excavations, which here means about 50-70 men digging trenches for the footing with hand tools.

The past week has seen Mark out at site more as the head supervisor of the entire operation as Alex works primarily at buying and procuring building supplies - cement, rebar, electrical equipment (including a 200 kVa transformer) and more. The digging and leveling is still and progress and we hope to start pouring concrete for the footing and vertical columns by the end of this week.

Overall, we are pleased with how things are moving along. We chose a new contractor for the building and we are feeling out our new working relationship. It is taking some time and patience to adjust.

It certainly feels good to finally see progress on the factory building itself. We hope to see some reb

05/09/2013 6:15pm

Mark and Alex your build site looks fantastic.
I think your doing a great job and your blog is very interesting. Keep updating...
Everyone asks about you too.


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    Mark and Alex are attempting to use their limited experience as factory builders to erect a production facility for Project Peanut Butter in Blantyre, Malawi. Upon completion the factory will produce chiponde, a peanut butter-like paste, to feed children suffering from acute malnutrition.


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